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Coolair Logan has developed a range of air conditioning solutions specifically for retrofit in Dennis Eagle refuse collection vehicles.  A number of local authorities continue to specify Coolair Logan replacement air conditioning units for their refuse collection vehicles. Our clients are increasingly recognising the benefits of our unique service and warranty package that comes with each installation.  It provides known costs throughout the lifetime of the vehicle and ensures a reduction in Vehicle Off Road times.


Coolair Logan specialises in supplying HVAC systems for military and police vehicles.  The Northern Ireland Police had a requirement to fit their existing Land Rover Units with a new air conditioning system at short notice. Units were manufactured, delivered and installed to customer specification in just 3 weeks, in time for the G20 summit. Coolair Logan continues to supply air conditioning units for similar applications worldwide.


Coolair Logan has designed a unique world class integrated solution for Class 66 EMD locomotives.  Our revolutionary design enables the old heater unit to be replaced with a compact, more efficient, combined air conditioning and heater unit, without any intrusion into the cab. The system operates from the locomotive’s 72 volt DC power supply without the need for inverters. Additional benefits include high performance 6kW output, ease of installation, controls within easy reach of driver seating position and improved noise reduction. Coolair Logan also offer installation, servicing and life-time warranties to provide known life costs and reduced downtime.


MAN approached Coolair Logan regarding a specific client requirement. During long haul journeys, the client had found that their drivers were often leaving their engine running for many hours per day during rest breaks to operate the air conditioning system.

Coolair Logan designed and manufactured a roof mounted cooling system that overcame this problem and was still effective in bright sunlight. The system enables drivers to maintain an acceptable cab temperature without the need to waste fuel, but that also does not drain the battery.


Roof Mounted Unit Installed to Mowag Duro. An example of our 72 volt power pack utilised in heavily armoured military application for the Danish Army. The Coolair Logan roof mounted cooling system, including a 72V power pack, has been adapted for use on a number of heavily armoured military vehicles, including the Mowag Duro. Our products have been specified by several European military forces because of their renowned reliability and durability.


Vehicles are built by Mowag Switzerland, a General Dynamics Company.

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