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We specialise in sheet metal fabrication and component manufacture. We work with all types of material including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass. We are able to fabricate light and medium gauge metal components up to 10mm.


We can work to customer designs or can provide a complete professional in-house design and manufacture service. Our team have industry leading experience of developing complex engineering solutions for our clients.


Coolair Logan is a first tier supplier of fabricated steel components and sub-assemblies to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), including some of the largest global names in all-terrain mobile plant.

For a quote or further information about our metal fabrication and steel component services, please contact us.

Coolair Logan is a first tier supplier of fabricated steel components and sub-assemblies to OEM manufacturers

We deliver you the finest and most accurate component cutting service, using the latest laser technology.


Coolair Logan use the best laser cutting technology and skilled operators during production which means we can guarantee an accurate and superior quality end product. 


We are determined to continually exceed our client’s demands and exacting standards and we believe that this gives us the competitive edge in an ever growing market. 


Laser cutting technology uses a fine high-powered beam of coherent light to cut material replicating designs from CAD outputted drawings. Whilst the laser maps the pre-designed patterns around the metal, everything it touches is removed and the results hardly ever require any degree of finishing as the process is so accurate.


The set up process is reasonably uncomplicated, automatically importing CAD files to achieve the required results. Our laser cutting machinery even simulates the project, enabling us to ascertain just how much time the entire process will use before any materials are introduced.

For a quote or further information about our laser cutting service, please contact us.

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